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what can you do?


Gallup states “if managers could increase the number of employees who believed their opinions counted, organizations could reduce turnover by as much as 27%, safety incidents by 40%, and increase productivity by 12%.”

If you've found your company name on the list, there are many ways you can shift to become a better workplace for all.

take the blacklist assessmemt

This quick assessment will tell you where you are and where you can improve. 

hire blacklist

Blacklist seal of approval

All companies that contract us beyond the Blacklist assessment will be authorized to proudly display that they're Blacklist Approved!

Don't DIY your DEI. If hiring a full-time dedicated person to manage DEI at your company is not feasible, consider hiring a contracted consultant to help you set the foundation. 


We are here to help. Our number one goal is to make work safer for authentic expression and we do that by creating a platform for that authenticity AND working with organizations to do better.

If you've taken the Blacklist Assessment and want to work directly with The Blacklist to move the needle at your company, consider contracting us.

Our plans are customized to your needs. Working together means that we will:

  1. Meet with ERGs, leadership, and your union (if applicable)

  2. Compare our conversations with staff to your answers on the Blacklist Assessment and identify gaps between management and staff's idea of what "good" looks like

  3. Work with executive leadership and HR to create an action plan and timeline for execution of that plan


As top-tier add-ons, we will:​

  1. Perform targeted research and help you contract certified professionals to help solve your specific challenges

  2. Deliver a change management and communications plan for the new you

  3. Follow up 30 days after the end of your engagement to ensure you've followed through on your promises to your employees and share our seal of approval for your website

  4. Follow up with anyone who has submitted their experience at your company to The List and communicate that steps you've taken to address concerns around DEIB

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