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community guidelines

Our Commitment


At Blacklist, our mission is to create a reliable space for candidates to explore job opportunities, delve into company insights, and interact with our robust professional community. Our guidelines and moderation processes are meticulously tailored to fit the varied legal landscapes of the global markets where Blacklist operates.


Freedom of Anonymity & Expression: We champion the values of anonymity and free expression. Every voice has the right to be heard without fear of retaliation or unwarranted scrutiny.


Integrity in Content: Blacklist never modifies or tampers with user-contributed content.


Open to All Opinions: We do not prioritize or dismiss content based on its positive or negative sentiment.


Highlighting Top Leadership: Content that mentions titles of high-ranking individuals whose roles broadly shape the workplace culture is permitted, given that it pertains to their professional behavior or actions. Such roles may comprise the C-suite, Owners, Founders, etc. Negative remarks about individuals by name (as opposed to title only) are discouraged.


Vigilant Moderation: With our community's assistance, we actively oversee content and restrict users who deviate from our guidelines or breach the professionalism expected on Blacklist.


Unbiased Stance: Blacklist serves as an impartial platform. We refrain from judgments in disputes between our users and their employers, past or present. We solely focus on ensuring content aligns with our guidelines.


Uniform Review Standards: We uphold consistent review criteria across all content, irrespective of any affiliations with Blacklist.


User Verification: A permanent email or valid social network account is mandatory for content contribution. In certain scenarios, further verification may be sought.


Content Oversight: Our moderation encompasses an initial tech-based review followed by human moderation if needed. User-flagged content also undergoes human scrutiny.


Guarding Against Misuse: Sophisticated algorithms and filters are deployed to thwart content manipulation attempts.




Community Guidelines


Abuse: Refrain from posting content that harbors aggressive intent, or targets individuals maliciously. 


Targeted Harassment: Malicious intent aiming to degrade or humiliate is strictly prohibited. 


Unsolicited Explicit Content: Inappropriate or unwelcome sexual content is not allowed. 


Profanities: Avoid resorting to insults, particularly those meant to intimidate or harass. 


Discrimination: Attacking individuals based on their race, gender, religion, etc., is forbidden. 


Protective Action: Should you come across content that hints at potential harm to oneself or others, please report it. 


Threats & Harm: Expressing desires or threats of physical harm to others is not permitted. 


Promotion of Violence: Glorifying or inciting violent acts, directly or subtly, is strictly prohibited. 


Stereotypes & Slurs: Avoid generalized statements or slurs targeting specific groups. 


Disinformation: Spreading false information is discouraged. 


Privacy: Protect your identity and respect others' privacy. Impersonation: Misrepresenting oneself as another individual is prohibited. 


Confidentiality: Refrain from revealing proprietary company details. 


Irrelevant Content & Spam: Content should be professionally relevant, free from spam or excessive personal details.


Image Guidelines:

  • Ensure photos respect privacy and do not violate copyrights.

  • Refrain from posting explicit content, workplace misconduct, or proprietary information.


Content Oversight & Actions


Blacklist retains the right to:

  • Notify users about flagged content.

  • Limit the visibility or remove content that breaches guidelines.

  • Suspend users temporarily or indefinitely based on the severity of violations.

  • Terminate membership from the community or specific groups.

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